A step-by-step tutorial to use Biq Blue As A Service

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to setup Biq Blue "as a service" for your Google BigQuery account.

How it works?

Biq Blue aggregates information from INFORMATION_SCHEMA views across your projects into tables within your BigQuery account. This process enables it to analyze your usage and offer suggestions for improvement. To achieve this, Biq Blue requires specific IAM roles to create a "biq" dataset and tables in your BigQuery account.

Step 1: Create a Service Account

  • Navigate to Google Cloud's service accounts console
  • Click on + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT to create a new service account biq-blue, no need to add roles now, neither grant users access to this service account

  • Click on the new service account, go to "Keys" tab, and "Add Key" in JSON
  • Download the JSON

Step 2: Assign the required roles to your new service account

  • Go to the IAM root section and select your organization (the root folder)

  • Click on + GRANT ACCESS and give biq-blue service account the following roles:
    • BigQuery Data Editor (roles/bigquery.dataEditor)
    • BigQuery Metadata Viewer (roles/bigquery.metadataViewer)
    • BigQuery Resource Viewer (roles/bigquery.resourceViewer)
    • BigQuery User (roles/bigquery.user)

These roles ensure Biq Blue has the necessary permissions to create datasets and tables, and to access BigQuery resources and metadata for its analysis.

Step 3: Dataset Specification (Optional)

Decide where Biq Blue should create its dataset.

  • Region: by default, the region with the most queries
  • Project: by default, the project with the most queries
  • Timezone: by default, America/Los_Angeles

Step 4: Submit 🚀

When you are ready, submit your service account and options. We check everything works fine and we send you back the link of your own Biq Blue server + credentials, by email.